About Our Web Site

The Surfsong HOA web site has been created to bring important and timely information to the residents of our community. The service has been designed to be both easy to access and user friendly.

Management Office: This feature of the web site provides twenty-four hour online access to our Management Company, Walters Management. You can fill out service requests, check your account balance, make facility reservations and even pay your dues and fees online from wherever you are. For an overview of the services, Sign in here.

Library: The Library offers a convenient, organized, and centralized location for important association documents, such as our Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) and bylaws, Architectural Committee guidelines and specifications, board agendas and board meeting minutes, common area rules, newsletters, and more.  Everything regarding Surfsong is in one place, online and available twenty-four hours a day. Using the search capabilities provided, you can easily navigate the extensive information, landing exactly where you need to be. Visit the Library for a quick tour now.

Quick Search: This function prompts you to simply enter a keyword or phrase. The Quick Search will take it from there, hunting through the entire association archives and resources and bringing the answers directly to your fingertips.

Email Notification: E-mail will be our primary communication vehicle, bringing you multi-media newsletters, urgent notices, and friendly reminders about upcoming events. Let Management know if there are any changes to your contact details.

News & Views: Instead of waiting for a newsletter or wondering what’s happening in your community, click Announcements for up-to-date news and announcements.

Contact Information: Once logged in, access Contact Information here for the names of our Community Manager, Board Members, Committee Members and the number to call in case of emergency.